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How to WIN at wedding dress shopping.

Honest advice from the frontlines on how to win at wedding dress shopping. 

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#GREENERY A botanical inspired bridal story.

Botanical bridal style. A modern minimal bridal fashion editorial with greenery inspired decor.

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Boho bridal inspiration. The Lane X Daughters of Simone

A bridal fashion story. Daughters of Simone X The Lane channelling every bohemian dream I ever had.

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Calling all #badassbrides. The new cool in modern vintage bridal.

The future is now. Hatching plans and finding the new direction for A12.

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70s modern boho shoot with The Lous

A bridal editorial with The Lous. 70's boho eat your heart out.

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You have the dream job.. right?

Overheard in the studio. The answers to the questions you all want to ask. Origins of Archive 12 and a little gratitude.

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