So you’ve said yes to the dress, and now its time to kit out your bridesmaids. Whether you have one best gal or ten, it can sometimes be hard to keep everyone happy. From settling on a shopping date, to navigating different friendship groups… so we’ve compiled a list of tips to guide you through your modern bridesmaids shopping journey, along with some advice from our fav bridesmaids designers REWRITTEN.

rewritten éditorial shoot by  Nic Ford

rewritten éditorial shoot by Nic Ford


You know we are all about ditching traditions and doing things your own way, and this stays true for choosing your bridesmaids. Don’t feel like you have to ask your cousin or future SIL if you aren’t really that close, and stand firm from any pressure from well meaning family members. It’s all about who you want with you on the morning of your wedding day and who has got your back. The girls who have been with you through thick and thin and who champion your every move, those are the babes that you want by your side.

#a12bride Hannah chose a range of dresses in Bluebell. Pic  Paula Mcmanus

#a12bride Hannah chose a range of dresses in Bluebell. Pic Paula Mcmanus


“When it comes to bridesmaids shopping, try not to have a very specific colour in mind. If there is one shade that you are searching high and low for you are sure to be disappointed and you may find it an almost impossible task - instead try to be a little more open minded and have a couple of tones/colours in mind. Similarly when it comes to style, your dream dress may be another girls hell and so it’s unusual that your band of best girls will feel happy all in the same style! Trust us, a bit of flexibility will go a long way when picking bridesmaids dresses.” - Katie Arnott and Frances Cookson, Founders of Rewritten

This is why we LOVE our Rewritten dresses, you can totally mix and match the shapes and colours to create a bespoke group of dresses that will make everyone feel amazing! And thats the goal at the end of the day.

#a12bride Roisin chose Mykonos dress in 2 different colours for her girls. Pic  Tomasz Kornas

#a12bride Roisin chose Mykonos dress in 2 different colours for her girls. Pic Tomasz Kornas


This one comes from observing many bridesmaids appointments over the years. With so many options available I think it’s so important to take the lead and give the girls a starting point. It’s very enticing to be the laid back bride who doesn’t mind what they wear and to give them free reign to choose, but often this just ends up with everyone standing around too afraid to jump in and say what they like. Especially in a group where maybe everyone doesn’t know each other, no one likes to be the bolshy bridesmaid (think Helen in Bridesmaids) who makes the first move. Take note - The bigger the gang, the more important this becomes!

Giving a preferred colour or dress style to try as a starting point will help kick things off, even if the end result is entirely different. Be sensitive to everyone’s body language - it’s usually pretty obvious if someone isn’t feeling a dress, and no-one wants their bestie to feel uncomfortable.

MYKONOS DRESS in Chianti. pic  Nic Ford

MYKONOS DRESS in Chianti. pic Nic Ford


Whether it’s planned or not, quite often you might have a bridesmaid who is pregnant or ‘hopes’ to be pregnant by the time of your wedding. Fear not, we have a few styles that work perfectly with a potentially pregnant bridesmaid. The Florence wrap dress is great for a smaller bump (or a breastfeeding mama!), and the Vienna can work as an empire line dress with plenty of room on the skirt to fit over a growing bump.

VIENNA DRESS in INK - great for a growing pregancy bump.

VIENNA DRESS in INK - great for a growing pregancy bump.

So what’s new for 2019 from Rewritten? I was very lucky to see the 2019 collection at New York bridal market back in Oct, and it was pretty epic!!



“We have a VERY exciting new collection launching at the beginning of 2019 – think jewel tones in a variety of textures – from light as air chiffon to sumptuous satin. Style wise we are all about the trouser silhouette for 2019 – flowing wide leg jumpsuits, palazzo trousers and delicate tops feature amongst some new low-back dress styles.” - Katie Arnott and Frances Cookson, Founders of Rewritten

Our new samples will hopefully arrive before March, so if you are getting married after august this year you will still have time to wait on the new pieces. And keep an eye out for a special event we will be hosting with the Rewritten girls to launch the new 2019 lines.

So now you have the low down you can grab your girls and get another thing ticked off the list!

As always please shout if you have any questions.

Much love, Claire x

Mix and match with Rewritten Bridesmaids. Pic -  Nic Ford .

Mix and match with Rewritten Bridesmaids. Pic - Nic Ford.

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