The low down on the highs of our buying trip to NYC

I have the NYC blues. It’s a strange feeling going somewhere for the first time when it feels so familiar. I couldn’t help but feel slightly star struck by it all. From watching FRIENDS as a teenager, SATC in my twenties and GIRLS in my thirties, it has always been up there as one of the coolest cities, and it didn’t disappoint.

Seriously dreamy bridal collections - check. Interior decor to die for - check. All the tastiest food and coffee - check.


We had a whistle stop trip for 3 nights to see the new collections from the hottest bridal designers, and with a baby in tow I was a bit nervous of how it would go down. But Ren surpassed himself and was his usual dreamy self during our trip - smiling at everyone and generally charming the New Yorkers.


We were lucky enough to stay at The Ludlow Hotel in the lower east side (forever grateful to Daughters of Simone!). The bed was enormous, the decor was stunning and the staff were oh so lovely and oh so hipster. I hadn’t planned on rushing around sightseeing too much given that we had the pram with us. So having an amazing room to lounge around in and chill once Ren went to sleep made all the difference. The bathroom was everything you could hope for - amazing tiling, brass hardware and an enormous bath to sink into after walking around the city all day. I would go back in a heartbeat.

the lobby bar @ The Ludlow

bathroom goals…

bathroom goals…

the ludlow hotel nyc


I’m not gonna lie - most of my excitement about going was about ALL the amazing food we were going to eat. And it was all just as good as I’d hoped. Everything from the slice of pizza on the street to our dinner at the Dirty French was awesome.

But by far my stand out eatery was The Butchers Daughter. All veggie menu (not that my carnivore husband noticed!) and UH-MAZ-ING decor made this place a total joy. They have a few sites and we tried both, but the Williamsburg location was just dreamy and served the best french toast I’ve EVER had. It’s all got that real laid back cali vibe, and again I loved how the staff were allowed to just be themselves. There was one dude waiting tables who looked and dressed just like Jimi Hendrix circa 1969.

the butchers daughter williamsburg
SWEET DECOR @ The Butchers Daughter (williamsburg)

SWEET DECOR @ The Butchers Daughter (williamsburg)

the butchers daughter NY
They also have this cute little deli where you can take home their products.

They also have this cute little deli where you can take home their products.


The whole reason we took the trip out was to see the new 2019 bridal collections as part of New York Bridal Fashion Week. Most of the Archive 12 designers were showing at the One Fine Day Bridal Market. This made it so easy for me to see a lot of new pieces without having to race around town very much. And I gotta say - these guys know how to put on an event. It’s basically like the most beautiful bridal fair you could ever imagine, but for retailers.

With a rooftop launch party on the Friday night (with EPIC views of the NY skyline just a stones throw from the Empire State building) and never ending snacks and drinks during the day, it really felt like we were being spoiled!

Our view from the rooftop party to launch the One Fine Day Market.

Our view from the rooftop party to launch the One Fine Day Market.

I’m planning a separate post about the collections and designers we saw there but here’s some quick previews. It’s so much fun to see all the collections first and and choose which dresses I think you guys are going to LOVE! It’s the best kind of shopping.

There are some awesome collabs happening and we picked up a few new brands too…. all will be revealed soon!

2019 is going to be a year of STUNNING brides.

Feeling pretty darn lucky I have a job that means I will have to go back next year…..

For now I’ll leave you with this .


  1. Don’t even think about going without a pair of trainers ( trust me - a pair of slides won’t cut it)

  2. The yellow cabs aren’t as yellow as I thought - more of a marigold orange.

  3. it is the loudest city ever (and having lived in London for 5 years, it has nothing on NYC)

  4. Manhattan is so much bigger and taller than you can even imagine. It’s overwhelmingly beautiful.

  5. There are so many dogs!! It seems everyone has a pooch, and yet I didn’t see any poo. Kudos to the NY dog owners

  6. Dogs have strollers too.

  7. EVERYONE DRIVES LIKE A MANIAC. I only had 2 cab rides that both felt like my life was on the line, so I didn’t even attempt an uber. This is probably why everyone beeps their horn 100 times a minute. ( see point no.1 )

  8. October = pumpkins EVERYWHERE.

  9. The $3 pizza slice from the side of the road will probably be the best pizza you have ever eaten. (and I went twice to double check)

  10. Everyone is so friendly!! This was the most surprising thing to me. Londoners would walk on top of you rather than stop to help, but I had so many random chats with people on the street and offers of help with directions / help with the buggy. It was nice to know in a city you could so easily feel lost in that there was always someone to talk to.

    What are your favourite things to do in NY? let me know and I’ll start my list for next year…

Claire xx

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