Okay, so given that you have eliminated all the usual decision making factors - budget, accessability, enough order time, and of course it actually suiting you - here are my top tips to help you decide when you are torn between 2 wedding dresses.

Archive 12 2017 lookbook. Image -  Kat Mervyn Photography .

Archive 12 2017 lookbook. Image - Kat Mervyn Photography.

1. DO visualise yourself on the morning of the wedding.

Imagine waking up on your wedding day. Today is the day you finally get to wear your DREAM dress...what does it look like, and how does it make you feel?  Are you a romantic goddess, a modern minimal babe, or any other incarnation you can think of lol. Ultimately what look do you want to have on the day? You dress should spark joy just thinking about it so try to think which dress will give you that feeling and go with your instincts.

2. DO think practically.

It's sounds boring but girl you gotta be comfortable all day!! Can you eat, drink and dance to your heart's content? Can you sit down comfortably? I heard a horror story last week about a bride who couldn't eat her meal as her dress was so tight and that is NOT OK in my book. Think about location -  If you plan to get hitched in a field then a 5 foot train might not be the best idea etc. Choose the dress you can throw on without having to worry about anything for the rest of the day.

3. DON'T worry about what your future hubby/wife will think.

Or anyone else for that matter. We can be easily swayed my well meaning family members towards the wrong dress, or even worse... away from the right one! Try not to let anyone else get in your head about it. Only you can truly know which one is the most 'you'. As for your partner, I promise you they will think you look stunning no matter what! Happiness outshines any dress and if you FEEL amazing you will LOOK amazing, trust me.

Jess wearing the Anya dress by Minna, Pic by  Future Looks Good ,

Jess wearing the Anya dress by Minna, Pic by Future Looks Good,

4. DON'T worry about it going out of style in 5 years time.

I think no matter what you choose there will come a point in time when you would do it all again differently. The great thing about fashion is that it's constantly changing right? So go with the dress that makes you feel glorious NOW.  "Faint heart never won fair maiden" and all that so ditch the safe option and go for the WOW. Who cares if you regret it 10 years later - most likely you will think, Damn I was fucking awesome!

5. DO toss a coin.

Try it out - it actually works.  If you are still really struggling to figure out which one to go for then try this trick. Whichever dress wins is the one you have to go for... I think you'll know straight away if it's the right answer or not. Trust your gut on this one.

At the end of the day only you know which style of dress makes your heart sing, so tune in and dig deep.. the right answer will reveal itself.. hopefully! And if it doesn't then just buy them both! (kidding! .. well sort of)

Trust you instincts. Pic  -  Kat Mervyn Photography .

Trust you instincts. Pic  - Kat Mervyn Photography.

Good luck babes, and most of all ENJOY the process. And if you're not enjoying it then step back and give yourself a breather for a few weeks. Hopefully the time away will reveal the answer.

As ever give me a shout if I can help with any questions or worries you have about choosing your wedding dress.

Big love,

Claire xx

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