A12 Real bride - Alison and Kerry

Alison wed in an original Edwardian wedding dress.

It's about time I started properly blogging our gorgeous brides, and this vintage wedding is the perfect way to start.  Alison wore the most amazing original edwardian vintage dress, with a handmade satin sash. I love how they met before for a first look, it's a chance to have a private moment and calm your nerves before walking up the aisle!  And how freaking cool is groom Kerry in his baby blue 3 -piece.

Shot by the talented Holly and Lime Photography.

"Wedding dress shopping was the one element of planning for our wedding day that I was least looking forward to. When we talked about our wedding day we knew that we wanted a small wedding with an intimate feel to our day, with an emphasis on our family and friends, good food, flowing conversation and wine. We knew how we wanted the day to be, but I had no idea about what I wanted to wear. My husband to be knew he was going to get a suit made - he had always talked about how, if he ever got married he wanted to do so in a baby blue corduroy suit , but I was dreading wedding dress shopping.

My best friend and mum finally forced me to get an appointment to look at dresses, we had decided on a short engagement and time was passing by fairly quickly. My first experience of dress shopping was not all that positive. The shop assistant, although trying to be helpful, told me I didn’t have enough time to get a dress ordered in, that I wasn’t going to spend enough money and kept asking me if I felt bridal. I have no idea what she meant by the question, and although some of the dresses were beautiful none of them felt right – I just felt like I was playing dress up. I was starting to despair!

But then I stumbled across Archive 12 on Instagram and decided that I needed to get to try on some of these dresses! I was finally excited about the prospect of wedding dress shopping. Knowing that the dresses were vintage I wasn’t actually thinking I’d find a dress that would fit, but was keen to try on different styles.

When we arrived at Archive 12 Claire made us all very welcome and I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed. She gave us plenty of time to look at all the dresses and pick out any that caught my eye. There were so many beautiful dresses. I tried on a variety of dresses but it really just came down to one. I’d seen this dress on the Instagram feed and had already fallen madly in love with it. It was Edwardian lace, with the most beautiful detailing. When I tried it on it fitted me perfectly and I had a silent “bridezilla” moment as I just knew I couldn’t have anyone else even see this dress, never mind try it on. I bought the dress there and then and never had any doubts about it.

My dress was the most delicate Edwardian lace handmade by someone else who was in love and excited about getting married.  I loved that the dress had a history to it. That it had been worn by other brides ~ we guessed at least twice as there was lace from a later era added to the sleeves. One of the things I absolutely loved about my dress was that, being vintage and over 100 years old there was some very small repairs that needed done, and my mum, with love, stitched these for me. 

I loved wearing the dress on my wedding day in August, although I hadn’t got to see my husband’s suit beforehand it suited it perfectly. The sun shone and the day itself was everything and more than what we could have wanted, I wish we could re run that day over and over. 

I am so glad that I found Archive 12, Claire not only was wonderfully welcoming, putting me at ease immediately, but she was a wealth of ideas and information which helped me in the rest of the wedding planning. The trip to archive 12 is exactly what I wanted in wedding dress shopping.

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