WTF is a trunk show?

WTF is a bridal trunk show and why you need to know.

You have probably heard this term on various platforms when doing your wedding dress shopping research,  but if like most people you don't know what a bridal trunk show is then let me shed some light and make your wedding planning that little bit easier.. 

The 2020 Rolling in Roses collection - in store for our trunk show oct 9-12th 2019

A trunk show is basically like a bridal collection on tour.

The latest collections from each designer will travel from store to store around the world giving you the opportunity to try a lot more styles than each store normally carries. It also means you are seeing the very latest collections and have the chance to order before the samples arrive in store permanently.

Often designers will send the best sellers from previous seasons too so if there is one designer in particular you love then it really is a fantastic way to see A LOT more of what they have to offer.

To give you an example last year we had a Daughters of Simone trunk show in January. We had at that time 8 DOS dresses in store permanently but for the weekend of the trunk show we had 20 dresses including the newest 2019 collection.

Most trunk shows last for one weekend or a week before the gowns are shipped off the to next location, although sometimes they can last a bit longer so it's always worth checking beforehand.

But the sweetest thing about trunk shows is that there is usually a 10% DISCOUNT, so it means you have some change in your budget to spend on something else! (A.B.Ellie ear-rings anyone?!)


  • Do your research and make sure it is a designer you really love. You might not be able to try on other designers during the event so get prepped and book in for the ones that make your heart sing.

  • Be mentally ready to purchase. The discount will only apply for the duration of the trunk show so make sure you are ready to commit to a dress. Beginning your search with a trunk show isn't a great idea (unless you are really certain you love the designer/dress!), I would recommend going to see any other designers first so you won't be wondering what else is out there.

  • Book early to secure a spot. Like a lot of small bridal shops we only take one appointment at a time which means spaces at each trunk show are limited.

  • If there is a particular dress you hope to try always check first that it will be included in the trunk show. Not every dress will be sent so it's best to ask before booking.

  • All the usual rules - wear good underwear, don't be late, only bring those whose opinion you actually want.

Hopefully that gives you a better understanding of why trunk shows are so awesome. You can check out our Autumn 2019 schedule here.

  Claire xx

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