I'm stoked to bring this brand to Archive 12, and to Ireland.  I've been in the bridal game a good few years now and it has taken me all this time to find  bridesmaid collection I truly love, and now I'm delighted to offer them to A12 clients.  Everything about this brand oozes cool, (and they are even featured on the pinnacle of bridal style The Lane.)

the MYKONOS in chianti

the MYKONOS in chianti

Founded by 2 besties Fran and Katie who struggled to find cool dresses for their own bridesmaids, they have designed a super stylish collection with interchangeable styles in four fresh modern colours, Concrete, Peachy, Bluebell and Chianti. (and new colours in the pipeline I believe)

We all know how hard it can be to find a dress that a) suits all your girlfriends body shapes,  b) looks cool and c) is one they will actually want to wear again!  The WEARABILITY factor is high with theses gowns - totally swishy, comfortable to wear and you can 100% wear it again.

The 2 piece Marrakech top and skirt is so versatile you can even wear the top again with jeans. How cool is it on fashion blogger Anna Skoog  

Marrakech top in concrete - Rewritten  bridesmaids

The other major selling factor is the price, £140 - £160 per dress is a price point we can all get on board with, so grab your girl gang and book in for a fun appointment trying on the different styles. I promise you won't want to take them off! 

marrakech top rewritten cool bridesmaids ireland
Mykonos in peachy - boho bridesmaids ireland
Florence in bluebell. Cool brides,aids dresses ireland
red bridesmaid dress - archive 12 belfast

Book in here to try the collection on, and join our mailing list to stay in the loop with all the news and biz from Archive 12.

much love, Claire