Calling all #badassbrides. The new cool in modern vintage bridal.

The future of Archive 12.

It all starts out with a vision- right? When I moved back from London I had always thought N.I. was crying out for a cool vintage bridal shop. Having worked at The Vintage Weddng Dress Company (now Charlie Brear) for a couple of years vintage had my heart.

I KNEW vintage, I KNEW what was cool and how to make it that way.  

And so 4 years later when I finally got the balls to start my own company it was the obvious path to take. 

one of the first promo images for A12! (image - Helen Sloan)

one of the first promo images for A12! (image - Helen Sloan)

I wanted to brides to be able to look for a vintage dress in a relaxed and informal setting, but with all the details of a "traditional' bridal shop.

Trailing through musty rails of vintage this ain't.  

Wedding dress shopping is something most of us look forward to, and I wanted it to be just as special.  To begin with this was enough.

But 2 years down the line I feel I have so much more to give to the bridal industry. My vision has changed and so Archive 12 is changing too. I connect with brides who want to look and feel unique, who can rock a leather jacket with their dress (see below!), or wear gold boots and a ponytail! Women who have their OWN vision of what a bride should look like.

Tricia Malone - still one of my all time favourite A12brides!

While vintage certainly does this I was starting to be aware of other designer brands who I think share my ethos, and love of vintage styling. (thanks INSTAGRAM!)

Enter Minna bridal and Daughters of Simone. It was a big step for me to decide to buy in these designer labels - I was slightly out of my comfort zone! We've had the Minna for about a month now and brides are loving the light, easy-to-wear boho vibes. DOS are arriving in September and I just feel in my heart my clients are going to really love their rock n' roll bohemian style.

Daughters of Simone - arriving sep 2016

This year has also brought the range of flower crowns to Archive 12. the perfect compliment for a boho bride and something I am proud to offer our clients.

Recent editorial shoot with Laura J Curran Photography featuring the current collection of flower crowns at Archive 12.

So whats the bigger picture?

I want to create a boutique with everything cool in modern vintage bridal. Whether it's designer, vintage, or off the rack, I want it all under one roof, where clients can see a beautiful bridal edit in a relaxed and chilled out space. 

I like to think of it as a safe haven for all the alternative brides, those who want to feel comfortable, cool and just like themselves.

so stick with me.... its coming together slowly but surely. In the meantime I'll just keep repeating my designer wish list a-la Arya Stark. 

If you think we are right up your street then get in touch to book in for your private appointment.


Claire xx