Happy New Year 2016

2016, can you believe it?! We are now actually living in the future, adults this year were born in 1998 for crying out loud.

Anyway, I'm starting this year feeling very optimistic and super motivated. There are quite a number of things on my wish list for 2016, including of course the continuing success of Archive 12. I hope to reach out to even more women who don't want the 'Traditional' dress and who can find a dress as cool, as unique and as awesome as they are!

Super cool Archive 12 bride Tricia Malone. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Super cool Archive 12 bride Tricia Malone. LOVE LOVE LOVE

I know for for a lot of my clients the process of dress shopping can be a daunting one. I hope that an appointment at Archive 12 will make you feel relaxed and excited about finding your dress, so if you've been putting it off then now is the time to just go for it.

I promise we'll look after you! Book your appointment here.

Apart from weddings, I have 2 main objectives this year. 

1. To practice yoga a lot more (bikram is my yoga of choice - check out The Yoga Farm if you fancy sweating more than you have ever done in your whole life.) along with this I will naturally lose half my body weight and achieve the ultimate yoga body.  Something like this -

2. Is to purge my house of clutter once and for all by using the KONMARI method. If you haven't heard of this it's a book written by a Japanese de-cluttering expert Marie Kondo.  check out her Facebook page

She is an expert in tidying up and claims if an item doesn't spark joy, then it has no place in your home. 

As a fashion lover, avid reader, crafter and general hoarder of things I think this book is going to save me. I dream of having the space to actually admire the things I have made, to be able to practice yoga in my bedroom without moving 5 ikea bags of stuff every time.

With 2 young daughters, I want to show them that material things don't really matter, and so I must lead by example. I'm actually so excited to see how it pans out... I spent last satuday night going through all my clothes  (there is a very specific order in which you must discard - clothes, books, papers, random objects and then sentimental items) and still haven't finished, but taking 8 bin  bags to the charity shop this morning felt good!!!

Coming into work today made me realise I need to also tackle my office at the studio.... that is not so easy! clothes are my stock, papers are needed by the taxman, I need all the little bits of fabric and beads for mending etc... but hopefully doing my home will give me the boost I need to sort it out.. I'll keep you posted.

So in conclusion, give me 6 months and I will be fit as a fiddle in a beautiful mess free home while helping you lovely gals find your dream vintage dress. 

Sounds idyllic.