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It’s APPOINTMENT ONLY at Archive 12 and you need to book in advance. This means I am totally ready to help you choose a dress and the drinks are chilled! Saturday’s especially can be busy so try to book ahead.

You can BOOK IN via our online calendar and choose a date that works for you. There are 4 appointment types available and there is a small fee to book in. I like to think the service we provide is top notch and time with our valued clients is precious… I hope you think so too! ( Plus any fees paid for appointments are deducted from your order)

  • FIRST LOOK / 90 mins / £15 - this is for your first time at ARCHIVE 12. A leisurely 90 min appt is plenty of time to try on as many dresses as you like and get a feel for what style you feel good in.

  • SECOND LOOK / 45 mins / £10 - this is for when you can’t get that one dress out of your head and you need a second look before making the final decision.

  • BRIDESMAIDS / 60 mins / £10 - gather your girls and enjoy an hour trying on our range of bridesmaids styles from Rerwitten. Plus our fitting room is now big enough for everyone - yay!

  • PICK -UP / ACCESSORIES / 30 mins / FREE - When your dress has arrived, 30 mins is plenty of time to try it on and have another look at our accessory range. Equally you can choose this if you only need to look at accessories.


I will preach this until the day I die. You shouldn’t give a shit about anyone else’s opinion about your wedding dress choice. However, I know deep down we all want approval and of course for your friends and family to think you look amazing. But I cannot stress enough how important it is to bring the right people dress shopping with you. What you want is someone who will love a dress for the simple reason that YOU LOVE IT. Someone who will wait to see your reaction before giving their own opinion because they know their’s is the least important. Someone who will champion your choices and want you to feel like you, and not their version of you. Theses people are few and far between so please only bring 3 people max with you, and don’t be afraid to come on your own if you have to!

I also kindly ask that you don’t bring small children with you to your appointment. Having 3 kids myself I know how they roll and it’s not the right environment for them. There are expensive gowns and jewellery around and if your kid damages anything they (you) will have to pay for it. However, babes in arms are cool. (As long as I can have a cuddle)

say cheese

Okay, so here’s the thing. Unless your bestie is a pro photographer and comes with her Canon 5d3… I’m gonna say it’s not the best idea to take pics of you in each dress. The dress most likely won’t fit you, you might be wearing the the wrong type of underwear, and don’t even get me started on baby boomer relatives and their bad angles. If a dress makes you feel good inspite of all these things, just imagine how AMAZING you will feel when it fits your properly. Your instinct is a much more powerful tool than your i-phone, so trust your gut on this one.


Each designer has their own size range and size chart, so try not to get too hung up on numbers. Most of our collections are available to order in a UK 6-18. Size inclusivity is something I am working on for the store but for now our samples are mostly 10-12. If it was finically feasible to buy 2 sizes of every dress I would, but we have to consider the girls who wear a size 6 as much as the girls who wear a size 16, and 10/12 falls right in the middle. We do have a small selection in a 14, but let me know in advance if you have any concerns or questions before booking in.

make it fit

We don’t provide an alteration service at Archive 12, however I know some crazy talented babes who can do that for you.

BELFAST - reach out to Christine at Colour & Cloth

DUBLIN - reach out to Anna at Anna O Alterations

Please note - none of our designer labels offer a made to measure service. We will order the size closest to your measurements and then usually there will always be minor alterations to make it the perfect fit. (These alterations are not included in the cost of your dress.)

money, honey

Our dresses range in cost from £1400 to £2500 but the average is around £1750. We often have some sample dresses for sale for less than £1k but it’s always best to check before hand. If you are working to a strict budget please let me know before we start trying on and I can advise you what is suitable.

time frames

Please allow a 4-6 month order period for your dress to arrive in store. Plus you want time to look for shoes, the right underwear, accessories etc. Having your dress arrive too close to the bone is stressful for everyone involved so don’t put it off.

On the flip side, looking too soon isn’t always a good idea either! I recommend you start looking for your dress around 10 -12 months before to give enough time for shipping and alterations.

side note : Bridesmaids dresses can also take up to 10 weeks to arrive, plus you will also need alterations on them too. (it’s often much sooner but best not to leave it too late to look)

Returns and exchanges

Due to the nature of our gowns and accessories being made to order we cannot offer returns or exchanges on any of our products.


There is free on-street parking all around the store, but it does get busy especially on a Saturday so give yourself enough time to find a spot.

If there is anything else you want to know - please give us a shout