Does the thought of wedding dress shopping fill you with fear?

Are you putting it off because you are imagining some old crone barking at you to try on puff ball meringues? Does the thought of standing in your underwear while all your loved ones pass judgement on your dress choices make you feel a bit ill?

I totally get it - not everyone is thrilled with the thought of wedding dress shopping, it can feel like a big ball of pressure. But the longer you put it off, the bigger that ball gets. So take the ball, or bull? by the horns and book in for your first appointment. It's the first time you have to accept you will actually be a 'BRIDE', but I can help you ease into it without totally freaking out.

Part of the reason I love what I do is providing a safe haven for all the Irish anti-brides out there.  Giving you an experience to remember for all the RIGHT reasons... honest advice, a super relaxed vibe and shit-hot dresses you will actually WANT to try on.

copper chuppah from Wild Thing Botanical

copper chuppah from Wild Thing Botanical

I must admit I do get a little thrill when a client walks in and the sigh of relief is almost audible when they realise this isn't your average bridal store. Our studio looks more like a New York loft, and I want EVERY client to feel relaxed and at home. This whole thing is about finding a dress that makes YOU feel amazing, but still totally yourself. Not everyone wants to feel like a 'Bride', and thats ok!

  • I won't tell you what to try on - I like clients to look through and chose the dresses that speak to them before I offer suggestions (which you are very welcome to say NO to!).
  • Theres's no podium to stand on - feel free to walk around and see how the dress feels. (I promise all our gowns are light and easy to wear)
  • We have a slip to wear underneath when trying on, so you don't need to worry about standing around in your underwear.
  • YOU lead the appointment, and there is no pressure to decide on the spot. Feel free to book in for a 2nd look.
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So who's in?

I swear to look after you and show you a good time.

Come join the A12 tribe and BE AN ORIGINAL BRIDE. 

Claire xx